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Blog 001 : An Introduction to THRIVAL

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Hi! Welcome to THRIVAL’s first ever blog post. I’m Lindsey, and unless otherwise noted, I’ll be the fingers tapping away behind the words that make up this blog. I also happen to be the founder of THRIVAL, and so I thought what would be a more appropriate first entry than an introduction.
Okay, honestly, the cringe runs deep when I’m required to talk about myself. The idea of writing about myself is slightly less anxiety provoking but is also ridden with this sense of permanence (you'll be hard pressed to find a video of me talking about myself floating around anywhere out there). With that said, this blog entry will contain a bit of my story as it relates to the inception of THRIVAL. You’ll also read of THRIVAL’s mission and goals, the heart and soul of the brand. Towards the end of the post, you will be introduced to the structure of our blog and I’ll let you know what you can expect from us in the future! 
If you’ve read this far I would like to express to you my sincerest gratitude, for it if not for you my dream of THRIVAL wouldn’t be (slowly but surely) unfolding into a reality. You are the reason the collective consciousness is expanding. The reason behind the implementation of sustainable practices by big brands like Nordstrom. The reason that little ethical brands like us are succeeding. The ways of the world are shifting because of you. Without you, we are nothing but the seedling of an idea in an industry that has historically placed profit over the planet and its inhabitants. So thank you.
Okay lets go waaaayy back.
As a child, my favorite pastimes were sketching, dressing up my Barbie, and running lemonade and toy stands. I appreciated art and entrepreneurship right out the gate. Many hours of adolescence were spent playing The Sims video game. But rather than playing God, I would play stylist, architect and interior designer, dressing my virtual character up in cute outfits, building the house of her dreams, and then moving on to the next avatar once I deemed her life aesthetically complete. Unfortunately, my creative outlets slowly dissipated in middle school as I became consumed with self criticism, doubt, and a deep desire to fit in more than anything else in the world. I would consistently skip classes and strived to “be cool” by over-consuming alcohol, searching for self-confidence at the bottom of a bottle of Bacardi Raz. After high school, just prior to my first semester in college, I desperately wanted to enroll in fashion design. My crippling anxiety and self-loathing convinced me that everyone on the fashion track was cooler, smarter, thinner, prettier, more artsy than me. So I didn't pursue it. And, you know what? I’m glad I didn’t. Here I am, 10 years later, having explored retail services, the health and wellness industry, and entrepreneurship. I’ve honed many unique skills and met some of the most important people in my life that might not exist if I would have taken a more obvious path into the fashion industry. Throughout the years I discovered my self-worth and grew to understand my values and desires. And then very recently I launched a shop of my very own. MY SHOP. Like, what?? I won’t bore you with all of the intimate details of my self-love quest (which btw is an endless intentional practice), but I will tell you about how I stumbled into the world of sustainable fashion.
Little Entrepreneurs circa the early 90s ^
Into Sustainable Fashion...
I stopped eating meat a few years ago for moral reasons unrelated to health. After watching a couple of the well-known anti-meat industry documentaries, I couldn’t even imagine eating meat without being consumed with guilt and emotional angst. So I stopped. I cut out dairy shortly after as a result of listening to this podcast during one of my last days vacationing in Italy (all honesty, I still sometimes dream of the dopamine inducing flavors of my last dairy pizza - God bless you Napoli). Fast forward to last summer. I was working for a local wellness clinic feeling seen and valued and really enjoying my work, until the illusory nature of the company slowly bubbled to the surface. This job was my first experience working for someone who was abusive and inauthentic. When I left, I knew that my next role would be one of leadership. One from which I could influence positive and healthy change. One where I could empower others and provide jobs out of which creativity, pride, and fulfillment could be drawn. Most importantly one that was not only driven by but analogous to integrity.
One day, while still working for the wellness company, I received a tee shirt as a gift that read “Eating Animals is Weird.” I loved it, but soon noticed how uncomfy the fabric was. And the typeface was just not aesthetically pleasing. So I thought, “I wonder what goes into making a tee shirt?” and down the hole I fell, first into manufacturing practices and then into sustainability. Not too long after, I watched A True Cost on Netflix and, just like my decision to transition to a plant based diet, this decision was obvious and immediate: I would no longer consume goods that caused harm to animals, fellow humans, or our environment. The more I learned about conscious consumerism, ethical goods and sustainable fashion the more deeply I resonated with the values of the industry: aesthetics and ethics, transparency amongst the supply chain, circularity, animal welfare, environmental preservation. I searched for local brick and mortar shops that carried sustainable clothing and ethical goods, but I couldn't find anything that resonated with my personal style. This was it for me. I would create what I felt was missing. And so THRIVAL was born. 
Ethical Goods for a Thriving World
THRIVAL’s core values are design, integrity, and intentional living for the benefit of humanity, Mama Earth and animal welfare. Everything we carry must reflect these values and consistently influence positive change within the previously mentioned three arenas. THRIVAL is currently an e-commerce store with the hopes of showcasing beautiful goods to people like you who reside allll over the world. One of the pillars of THRIVAL that I am the most passionate and excited about is education. Through educational and creative workshops, we can work together to create a more conscious tribe. Stay tuned for exciting events!
I’m also working on streamlining our Thrifted x THRIVAL program, which will allow you to send back anything you’ve purchased from THRIVAL for a shop credit based on the condition of the piece. Exciting things ahead!
And now for The Blog...
Okay this blog post has been way easier to write than I thought it would be (and also way longer lol). So here’s what you can expect from future posts: New blog entries will be up every Monday, each relating to one of the five following subjects: sustainable fashion, conscious business, intentional living, ambassador spotlight and plant based meals. 
If you’d like to submit a conscious business, recipe or ambassador nominee to be featured on the blog and socials, send an email over to
Mmkay, feeling super honored that you gave enough sh*ts to read all of that, and super excited to connect with you sometime in the near future! Leaving you a little something special here for hanging out with me during this very first (very long) blog post and for supporting the beginning of something super special! Here's to change makers, to conscious intentional living and to 2020! 
Love and Gratitude,
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